Sparks Fly

For a long time now I've been wanting to do steel wool photography and I finally got to test it out. 

Now, when ever I looked at peoples blogs, when doing it, they made it sound like theres an 80% chance that something will most defiantly catch fire. Now depending on what you surround yourself with, a fire extinguisher may be necessary. But since it was my first time swinging around burning steel, I decided to keep it safe and go to a pier, where we were surrounded by water and rocks - nothing to flammable.   

Two different nights I went out with my lovely assistants  Katie, Jessica and my ma, and we went to our closest beach and gave it a swing.


This was basically a test run. I've looked at peoples blogs and got an idea of their settings but I like to play around myself, so see what results I like best, its more fun that way. BUT we only had 5 pads of steel wool so we were limited to the rounds of spins we got. Which took longer than expected because of a lighters best friend, wind. The last two took us a good 5-10 minutes to light, and my friends wanted to give up when they couldn't light it but my stubborn a** was not leaving until we lit all 5 of them. 

I'd say my first time shooting wasn't a fail, but also wasn't a success. I like the images, but am not "in love" with them. Which is why there is a round 2! But before that, take a look at what I got the first night and the settings I used.  

With this, I learned I need more variety in camera positions, faster - but not too fast shutter speeds, and a less windy night! I also learned that the photo can also change depending on how fast a person is spinning the wool.


Alright, so this time I came fully loaded and by that I mean I had 16 pads of steel wool, instead of 5. Lots of fun was to come, as long as the wind minded its own business. 

Deciding to stay safe, and because I loved the area we went to before and wanted some better shots now knowing what I was doing, we went back to the same beach. 

Defiantly a lot better than the first night. This time I had Katie and my momma helping with the shoot!. Overall everything was better, the weather, the picture outcomes, and having next to no wind. Did have a rough start starting though. I stood for about ten minutes trying to light the wool, and it was not having it. Finally after figuring out, for whatever reason, folding the wool inside out made the sparks fly, the rest of the night was a breeze.

Overall, I LOVED this. I cannot wait to collab and work this into portrait photoshoots. Now, take a look at the video below to watch the sparks fly!