JUNOs Weekend 2017

And like that, another exciting weekend comes to an end. This past weekend, if you didn't hear, I had the opportunity to be apart of the JUNOs thanks to CARAS

As there is only so many hours in a day, and I need to sleep at one point, I did not attend all the events but had a great time at the ones I did attend. These being the #JUNOexpress arrival train, JUNOFest, and JUNOs songwriters circle.

Canada truly has some really amazing artists and I have to sadly admit I really do not know Canadian music like I should. But after this weekend, I definitely have some new favourite artists. One being Ten Strings and a Goat Skin. Honestly, I had no idea what kind of music I was walking into, their name actually made me think that they were some hardcore metal band. Nope, just three men, playing so hella exciting bilingual folk/fusion tunes. I highly recommend, 10/10. 

Over the weekend I ended up using my normal set up, that being my Canon Mark II & III with one having my 24-70mm F/2.8 lens and the other having my 70-200mm F/4 lens. I really cannot wait to own a wider lens for events like this, as I would have loved to have a 15mm at different points of the shows. 

So with that, as normal, take a look into my weekend and see the JUNOs from my perspective with the photos below.

#JUNOExpress Arrival Train featuring Kardinal Offishall, Scott Helman, and Allan Reid.

The Strumbellas @ the Bronson Centre

JUNOFest Saturday Night - Mercury Lounge & Lowertown Brewery

JUNOs Songwriters Circle @ the National Arts Centre

Again, special thanks and shout out to the CARAs, the JUNOs, and SOCAN for this amazing weekend!