Hometown Vibes

It has been very bittersweet being home. 

I do what I can to keep my butt from being planted on the couch all day to avoid going completely insane. Part of my problem is not having my drivers license. Almost 21 and still sitting pretty with a G1, how sad. But not for much longer! Never thought I'd say this, but I really miss bus transportation.

But, with my free time, I am doing a lot shooting - improving my photographing and editing skills. I also have been looking into places to work outside of Ontario. A really cool one, is with Busabout, which is what my new video is all about. The contest is open until 11:59 GMT tonight. The video is made up of a lot of old and new, and with only finding out about the contest itself not even a week ago, I used what I could to put something interesting together.

Not much brings people into my town (or village, as my city folk friends like to call it), besides our famous apple pie. Oh, and the 35 foot Apple with a face that completely creeps me out but that's just my opinion. But besides our giant apple, there really isn't much else to do, or see. We have one strip of road that makes up our "downtown." That includes our famous pizza place, Vitos, our one and only bar at the Queens Hotel, as well as a drug store, laundry mats, and some other good stuff that keeps this town going.  

Pictures below to get a quick look at my small town, with the Busabout video for the contest at the end. 

Happy Hump Day!