When it comes to anything that has been abandoned including houses, amusement parks,and so on, a sense of curiosity over comes my mind. My first instinct, or course, is to explore and capture the slowly decaying structures. I do not know what it is about something that is falling apart, but it intrigues me. I do love learning about the past of something that was left behind, for who knows what reason, it defiantly is part of the reason why I get curious.  

Not only is it interesting to see what time and weather can do to an abandon home, but the things that were left behind can be just as interesting. My favourite item we came across at this farm home was an old computer, I mean old. 

To end off our fun at the abandoned farm house I had Katie light off a Rocket smoke grenade, and all was fun and games, until the bomb ended up burning her hand. Safe to say pictures did not go as planned as I was more concerned with her hand but her hand is recovering just fine.  

More of the farm below!