Aaron Pritchett @ CNE

Every year, the CNE opens up for only a couple weeks at the end of August to celebrate the end of summer. With rides, live entrainment, and crazy food, it can make for great way to end a summer. 

There hasn't been a year that I haven't attended the grounds, my first year being 2011 to see Down With Webster perform with opening band Sweet Thing.  

The night started off with Canadian country singer, Madeline Merlo, and her crew Dave Kirby, Justin Degraaf, and Jeremy on drums.  

Things got tropical on stage, with pink flamingos and flowers scattered across the stage to promote her newest single Hotel Flamingo. Madeline, looked like she was having the time of her life on stage while her band members couldn't keep smiles off their faces. Especially Dave, he was straight cheesing the whole time.  

Next up was Hold My Beer singer, Aaron Pritchett!

Aaron was a hoot on stage, and like Justin, he was straight cheesing all night.

Something I've never understood in the musician fan world, is the want for a towel the artist used to wiped their sweat on and last nights' concert was the first I've seen someone actually throw a towel on stage for the artist to use. But Aaron was a good sport about it, wiped away his sweat and past it back to the fan. Again, I don't understand the want, but he for sure made a fan really happy. 

Now, I knew of Aaron and his music but cannot say I know his songs off by heart besides one of his hits, Hold My Beer, and there was no way I was leaving the Bandshell grounds until I heard him sing it live. Course, finishing up his set, he flew off stage knowing, like myself, no one was leaving until he played it. And course after a couple of minutes of cheering, him and his band ran back onto the stage to finish off the night with some oldies and my favourite, Hold My Beer. 

Shout out to Aaron for a great night!