Varadero, Cuba 2017

As a 21st birthday to myself, I decided to buy a plane ticket with 5 of my other close friends, and spent a week down in Varadero, Cuba.   

Varadero Crew

Hannah, Nick, Ryan, Connor, Rachel, & Myself

With the ups and downs we had on this trip, its safe to say we learned lots and know better for next time. Our trip started off with our buddy Ryan actually loosing his luggage when we arrived at the airport in Varadero. Did I mention it was Ryan's birthday too. The best part of it, was that it somehow "magically" walked out of the airport to another resort. Funny how that happens, right? But only a day later, and he had his luggage back and we were ready to enjoy our time under the hot Cuban sun. 

Other than getting to relax on the beach or by the pool all week, my favourite day was our trip with a Jeep Safari company. We spent our day doing loads of things including snorkeling, going for a boat ride, swimming in a cave, horseback riding, and even hold a 5 year old crocodile named Tony(pictures below). Or in my case, even kissing him. Along with our tour guide, we got pranked and scared left and right by locals. Apparently we're easy targets. With our tour guide, Jillian or as we called him "King Jillian," he'd scared the living crap out of us every opportunity he got, while the crocodile handler punk'd us with making it seem Tony was peeing on us. Of course it was just water, but he kept it going for a good couple of minutes and us ladies were freaking out! 

On the trip, I did not nearly take as many images as I thought I would have. In many ways I wish I took more, but at the same time I was enjoying my week with friends at a beautiful resort. Plus sand and cameras are just not the best combination. As well, the moisture in the air, did not fail to fog up my camera, especially when just leaving the nie air conditioned room. 

And of course, I created a very amateur video our week together. Most of the footage was either shot on my Canon Mark III or my GoPro Hero 4. For the more "blurry" parts of the video, the footage was taken from a video made by the Jeep Safari company.