Hotel Motel. Holiday Inn.

A good buddy of mine decided he wanted a "sleezy" motel photoshoot, and with that sprung an adventure. 

So to start it all off, we needed to find a motel. So Evan spent all night up looking up "1 Start Motels." And boy, did he find a gem. 

I hate to say anything bad about the motel we went to but I honestly didn't want to touch anything. And I like mean, anything. When we first walked in, all we smelt was smoke. Which was whatever, not pleasant and gave me a bit of a headache, but that wasn't the worst of it all. Starting to look around, to see what I was working with, things started to pop out, like a cute antique light that was beside the window and provided next to no light. 

Than there was the bathroom, as green as a lime but sadly smelt nothing like one. 

                          Quick tour of the room

                          Quick tour of the room

Then there was the walls and ceiling that are really cool for pictures but lets be real, a brick wall with a cement beamed ceiling don't exactly scream welcoming. 

But even though I would not dare sleep at this motel, it really made some wicked final images, which you can of find below!

Shout out to my girl, Jessica, who is always helpful being my assistant at shoots! Thanks darling!