LUSH Bath Bombs

From the months of September to December of 2016, I spent (normally) 6 days a week creating bubble bars with the company LUSH. It was to say the least, a fun and interesting experience. I worked in the bubble department creating bubble bars including some classics like the Comforter, Rose Jam, and A French Kiss. As well as lots of seasonal bars like the Santasaurus, The Christmas Penguin, and Ladybug. 

While working there, I picked up a lot of product for myself, and it is safe to say I have enough LUSH to last me until next year. I wanted to do this blog/project a long time ago, but while living in Toronto I did not have a bath tube. Once I moved back home, I had to continue to wait, as our well faced a bit of a drought due to the dry summer. I never wanted to have a bath more than I did when working at LUSH and that is the last thing I got. 

But FINALLY, I was given the "go ahead" on bath time, and probably had more bathes in the month of January than I did in 2016 put together. 

Being the photographer I am and loved how bath bombs fizz and produce bright coloured water, I had to take pictures. Bath time became a little more than a relaxing time and this blog post is almost more of a beauty post than a photographer post. 

Bath Bombs used in the pictures and video:

  • Intergalactic
  • Never Mind The Ballistics
  • Cyanide Pill (UK only)
  • The Experimenter
  • Avobath
  • Golden Wonder
  • Blackberry 
  • Lord of Misrule


Intergalactic.. Couldn't get over how blue the water was!
Never Mind the Ballistics.. Loved the colours as it was dissolving in the water. 
Cyanide Pill.. Totally wished this bomb was available in Canada, as this one was my favourite smell.
Avobath & Blackberry - I found these ones were less exciting than the others. Defiantly more relaxed and calm compared to the others. I think I am also missing the point of the Boom Boom paper in the middle of Blackberry bomb. Not sure it was a tattoo (because the wording was backwards) or just for fun but I definitely found it random.
Golden Wonder.. I could watch the water all day. After the bomb is completely dissolved, the glitter in the bomb leaves you mesmerized.     
The Experimenter.. Another exciting and colourful bomb.
Lord of Misrule.. The water felt soft, so soft.