Chasing Waterfalls in Ottawa

Recently I made my to Ottawa to visit with some friends, whom I've missed dearly since moving to Toronto in July.

I had to get out and do a little shooting while with my friends. My one buddy, Evan, became my personal model for the week. As you tell by the photos below, but he didn't mind since that meant he got some rad new profile pictures. Plus he is working towards being a model, so might as well practice being in front of a camera. Our two main areas was a pretty cool waterfall and a neat looking bridge. The rest was either at my friends place, or our driving around while catching up on each others lives. It was a nice week and can't wait to go back in February and March.

I've also started to get into video and video editing. Defiantly not the best at it, but practice makes progress, and than maybe, perfect. 

For those in Ottawa, give me a shout to plan a shoot, whether you're a business, artist in need of photos, or just need some portraits! Do not hesitate to give me a shout! Looking to book while in the Ottawa area in Febuary and March. 

Down below are photos & a video from my week in Ottawa!