New Zealand 2013

Way back in 2013, I took an adventure of a lifetime with EF Tours and my high school. 

The trip was to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, plus an 8 hour pit stop in LA. Safe to say, it was amazing. The only thing I would change, would be my ability to take photos. The trip was in 2013, way before I even know I wanted to be a photographer. At the time I knew I loved taking photos, but that was about it. If only I knew the skills I knew now, my photos could have been twice as good and probably a little more interesting. In 2013, I (sadly) relied on auto functions to take my photos, as well I was very much a point and shoot kind of girl. Below are just a few shots, out of the thousands, I took while there. 

Being at home, I've had lots (like to much) free time to decide what my next move is. Whether I try to work for cruise line for a year or if I make another move to another city. Being real though, getting really tired of moving. But with this free time, I've been able to work on my photography goals and do some research. With that, I stumble upon all kinds of jobs, contests, and so on. But, one that really has caught my eye, is a Photo Tour in New Zealand with Destin Sparks

Who is Destin Sparks? Well...
"Destin Sparks is an award winning landscape photographer based in Queensland, Australia. He relies solely on the use of well executed timing rather than resorting to Photoshop & digital manipulation." -

Thanks to Photo Contest Insider, I, not only have a chance for another trip of a lifetime, I as well have a new photographer to follow and look up too. His images are simply breathtaking. Seeing his colourful and crisp photos really bring out my "wanderlust" as some travellers would say. Photographers like him keep me inspired to move forward with my work, to hopefully become as talented and successful as him. 

If you want a chance to win this photo tour, click the button below!