Cavalcade of Lights 2016

Nothing like spending a Saturday night under the pouring rain, watching a concert and fireworks. 

On November 26th, I spent the night downtown in Nathan Phillips Square celebrating their 50th Cavalcade of Lights. It was a great night filled with christmas carols, fireworks, and the first lighting of Toronto's official christmas tree.  

Choir! Choir! Choir! kicked off the concert with some Christmas sing-a-longs to set the mood of the night! Moving on into the night, Dan Talevski, Kiran Ahluwalia, and Don Amero performed as the vocalists with Chris Derksen and the Cavalcade Orchestra. 

The show ended with a bang, with a firework show, than Whitehorse wrapping up the concert. And after all the fun on stage, a skating party with DJ General Eclectic kept the excitement going.